Forex VS Stock Market

For the novice investor, that is looking to get into forex, and wanting to trade in the world market, prior to getting into the market, one has to realize how Forex Trading differs from US stock and other stock markets that are only in one country.

The major difference in forex and all other markets, is that forex deals with all nations, all currencies, all styles of payments, larger corporations, and the fact that due to the time changes in different parts of the world, the market is always open 24/ 7, somewhere in the world, if an investor wants to make a deal or close on a sale of a certain stock.

So, when going from NYSE to forex, the differences are quite large, and the investor has to be well aware of the differences, and they have to take the time to really learn the forex market, and take the time to understand and learn how Forex Trading works.

If the investor takes the time to learn the market, learn the currencies, and learn about the stocks that are traded in forex, they are going to be much more successful than a person that just jumps into the market with no knowledge whatsoever.

So, if you really want to do well in forex, you have to be certain that you understand the market, understand that there are fewer risks, but if you do lose, the potential for loss is quite large (due to dealing with larger corporate stock), and if you do enter the forex market, you have to be willing to wait things out. Unlike other markets, with Forex Trading you are not going to get rich quick; you have to be patient, and you have to be willing to leave your money in the market if you want to see the profits and earnings.

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